The Hard and Soft Skills Microsoft Dynamics
Developers Should Possess

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Microsoft Dynamics is a complex solution that combines ERP and CRM functionalities as well as specific on-premise features. It might sound very complicated, but it is a great option if you are looking into a career as a developer and do not know which field to choose specifically. It ensures great employment opportunities, as many companies use it, and you’ll get to work with one of the innovative domains.

This solution is used for companies, enterprises, and corporations to manage their work with clients and manufacturing. And it is not so much about development from a scratch, but rather about customization. That’s why more and more businesses hire Microsoft Dynamics 365 developers or a team to ensure smooth and effective integration.

As a Microsoft Dynamics developer, you will work with an existing product that you need to adapt to your client’s needs, and this is why you will need to develop both hard and soft skills.

Helpful options of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for financials.

Hard Skills of a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Developer

A Microsoft Dynamics 365 developer needs to have a good grip of specific programming languages and, of course, the system itself. It consists of several modules like MS Dynamics CRM, NAV, GP, or Trade and Logistics which share the same programming and architecture principles. So, if you get to know one of these modules, you'll be perfectly able to work with the others.

You could end up working in an in-house team at a company that implements Microsoft Dynamics, or as part of an outsourced team, or as a freelancer. The choice is up to you.
Generally, the hard skills of a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Developer include:

  1. JavaScript and C#;
  2. Microsoft Cloud solution;
  3. Knowledge of HTML and ASP.NET;
  4. Great experience with SQL databases;
  5. Testing and troubleshooting experience.

It is also important to get Microsoft Dynamics 365 certification. This is available on the Microsoft website, where you can take a course or complete an exam to get a certificate to prove your knowledge and experience of the system.

Overall, hard programming skills require dedication, experience, and a love for programming. But another essential part of being a successful developer is to have a set of specific soft skills.

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The Soft Skills of a Microsoft Dynamics Developer

Of course, being a successful developer is not only a matter of specific technical knowledge. A great professional needs to have well developed soft skills to ensure an effective implementation process.

These soft skills include:

1. Communication

Professional developers need to be able to communicate with the team and with the client. Often, a client representative has no technical knowledge or experience of the solution, so a developer has to be able to explain certain things simply and clearly. It is not just enough to know about the best practices, the developer needs to be able to explain them and make sure the client agrees with the solution. After all, the high level of customization of Microsoft Dynamics 365 makes it such a fascinating solution and it requires a very precise and practical conversation about what the client wants, expects, and what can be achieved.

2. Attention to detail

Attention to detail is a vital skill for any programmer. But it is one thing to deploy a ready-made solution and another thing to customize, program, and adjust scalable software. The cost of MS Dynamics for a company depends on the features they choose and the number of licenses they need for their users. This is why a developer needs to be very precise with details and the way customization is built as it might influence the end price and functionality of the product.

3. Adopting a client’s perspective

Another crucial skill is to understand the task from the perspective of a client and knowing the issues that end users may have. For example, if a company adopts a finance solution, it is essential to communicate with the financial department to evaluate what problems they face today and how they can be solved with MS Dynamics. Often, this communication will happen on the side of the MS consultant, but the developer also needs to be aware of the end-user needs.

4. Good writing

Writing is one of the main ways of communication in the modern workplace, simply because more and more people now work remotely. And when it comes to outsourcing, good writing skills may be especially vital as this is all about precision, clarity, and sticking to the point. Writing skills will also be essential for a Microsoft Dynamics developer involved in producing documents and reports regarding a solution, such as user guides, internal policies, or bug reports.

5. Flexibility

MS Dynamics products are quite flexible, but a team working on them needs to be ready to adjust to new circumstances quite quickly. For example, a client’s needs and expectations might change at any stage of the implementation process, or new emergent technologies might be beneficial. A high-profile employee needs to be ready to learn, adopt new working methods, and be ready for a sudden change.

6. Prioritization

Another crucial skill is to be able to set priorities effectively. Of course, not all architecture and vital decisions lie on the programmer’s shoulders but in the area of their responsibilities, they need to prioritize tasks in the most logical and agile manner. Otherwise, the implementation and deployment process can be delayed or suffer from a constant need to go back and fix previous issues.

Set of skills of a dedicated Microsoft Dynamics specialist.

In Summary

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an all-in-one solution that can power any business and fulfill various enterprises needs. However, due to its scalability, flexibility, and high level of customization, it cannot be implemented without help from a Microsoft Dynamics developer. Such professionals need to have both strong coding skills and well developed soft skills as well to communicate with clients and adjust the system to their needs. Overall, this is a great field to choose if you are looking for a programming career as it provides wide employment opportunities and competitive salary rates.

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