How Good Are Your Time Management Skills?

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Are you super-organised, the envy of all your friends because you always have enough time for everything? No? Welcome to the real world where there is never enough time for all you want to do, and you need to prioritise ruthlessly. But what about if you have trouble prioritising?

Take our quick quiz to find out how good your time management skills are, and get some ideas about how you can improve.

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For each question, rate your answer on a scale 1 = strongly disagree, 2 = disagree, 3 = agree, 4 = strongly agree.

I always make sure I do my least favourite tasks first.
I often get distracted partway through a task.
I take time to plan my day, either first thing in the morning or last thing the night before.
I prioritise my tasks so that I do the most important first.
I find that I often spend more time on social media than I’d like.
I never have enough time to do everything.
I fill odd moments of time by doing thing from my ongoing ‘to do’ list.
I have a reputation for being late for things.
I always know how long it will take me to do something.
I find I often have to take work home because there is never enough time to do everything.
I get very stressed about deadlines.
I have a ‘to do’ list and keep it up-to-date.
I use tools and systems to organise my time.
I often complete work at the last minute, or need to ask for last-minute extensions to deadlines.
I make sure that I schedule in time to take exercise and have fun.
All my work always seems to be urgent.
I never have time to think about what needs to be done.
I never miss deadlines (though I do sometimes have to renegotiate them).
My workspace is usually tidy, and I know where to find things.
I don’t have time to plan my work because I’m too busy doing it.