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Choosing a career is likely one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. Sometimes this decision is made indirectly by someone choosing a particular path or university course that leads directly into a career.

The career path can meander along the way for other people as they may decide to change direction either slightly or vastly depending on different circumstances.

Generally, the key to a successful career is a basis of study, be that formal education or informal, voluntary study. In today’s world, an academic background is usually sought after by employers and recruiters, especially for appointment to more high specification careers.

Smart Study Plan

Study is encouraged at an early age and young children learn gradually how to apply themselves. School curricula are well laid out throughout the schooling system so students know what they should be studying.

While this is easy to say, sometimes it doesn’t happen so easily for the actual students. Applying yourself to your studies can be easier said than done as workloads can become overwhelming and you can find it difficult to know what to prioritise.

That is why it is so vital for students to have a workable and viable study plan and not end up cramming for assignments or exams at the last minute since this has disaster written all over it.

On another level, the stress of cramming may cause a student to underperform or panic in the examination situation, and not get a grade that they deserve.

Smart Methods of Study

People have different learning styles and methods of studying: some like to study with music on, some prefer complete silence; others like to study in groups, some like to study alone. Whatever your preference, a comfortable area needs to be found where you can get the most from the time that you give. Distractions are your enemy and, even if from the outside, the college library seems like the obvious place to get your work done, if you’re distracted by fellow students you simply are doing yourself no favours.

Study also requires routine.

There is no point pushing yourself at the outset of the term with huge efforts at study only to fall down midway. A routine is a good idea in order to get somewhere with your study i.e. to get the results you want.

It is also a good idea to speak with teachers and tutors. They understand the course, they likely devise the examination questions, and they will assist enthused and dedicated students. Ask them for assistance if you are finding a particular topic more difficult than others and you will likely get some relief or, at the very least, you might be pointed in the right direction.

Make the most of your class friendships too. Discuss what areas your classmates are covering but don’t panic if they have covered one area more than you. Take your time and get to that topic in a focused manner. Panic is your enemy.

If it helps, arrange class group study sessions but ensure the group members are all in tune with the goals at hand.

This infographic from Study Medicine Europe aims to highlight the science of studying smart and how to get the most from your study periods.

Study Productivity - Getting the Results You Want.

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