Careers Involving Animals,
Farming and the Natural World

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Wanting to “work with animals” is a stage that many children go through. For those for whom this proves to be a lasting desire, there is a huge variety of careers and roles to consider. These range from casual dog walking or pet-sitting right up to highly qualified work such as being a veterinary surgeon (vet), marine biologist or zookeeper.

There are also many other careers that involve working outdoors or in the natural world, including farming, ecology, horticultural work (gardening) and landscape design. This page describes some of the careers available in the field of ‘animals, farming and the natural world’, and the skills required in these.

An Alternative ‘Sector’

There is very definitely a sense in which ‘careers with animals’ or ‘careers involving the natural world’ is not exactly a ‘sector’—and certainly not in the same sense that, say, healthcare, or politics and government, are sectors of the economy.

However, in career terms, it makes sense to talk about these careers together. People who are attracted to one—or have the basic skills needed—are likely to be similarly attracted to and qualified to enter others on this page.

What ties these careers together is the natural world: a desire to work with elements of that world or in that world, often outdoors. The first and most important qualification is therefore that desire. It is also important to have a tolerance of working outside the normal ‘9–5’, because these jobs seldom have obvious boundaries or cut-offs.

Careers Working with Animals

There are many different degrees of ‘working with animals’.

At the most basic level, and almost certainly the least qualified, there are plenty of people who make a living from offering dog-walking or pet-sitting services. No qualifications are required for these careers, and the people doing them are often self-employed, or doing these jobs as a ‘side hustle