How Angry are You?

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Your Anger in General

All of us, however calm we are most of the time, have times when we can be blazingly angry or coldly furious. Some people, however, seem to spend most of their lives being angry at someone or something, and it’s very hard for those around them. Being angry can be a mental health issue, so it is worth identifying potential problems before they become serious.

Take our quiz to find out how angry you are—and get some ideas about whether you need to get your anger under control.

This quiz is not meant to provide a diagnosis of any mental health problems! Please consult a professional if you or those around you are concerned that you may need to do so.

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Your anger in general

Answer these questions with Yes or No.

I think I get angry more often than people around me.
When I get angry, I often start shouting.
I sometimes find that I am angry about things that I think shouldn’t really be that important.
I find it hard to have a conversation with some people without getting angry.
I think people may avoid me sometimes because they don’t want to make me angry.
I have been told that I need to calm down a bit – either when I am angry, or afterwards.
I am often told that I need to calm down a bit, by different people.
I sometimes feel so angry that I would like to hit someone or break something (even if I never would).
I know people have lied to me because telling the truth would make me angry.
I don’t shout, but I often make sarcastic or unpleasant comments to others.